All About Our Timber

Here at Peaceful Valley Furniture, we pride ourselves on our quality, locally made furniture. But what does that mean to you, our customer? 
Let us explain: We know the furniture we sell is  made with utmost quality because we know our craftsmen. We talk to them. We visit them. Of course, we don’t get around to all 30-plus vendors but to the ones we do, we are more than happy with the dedication and skill they put into our furniture. All our timber comes from the East Coast Region, states like Maine and Pennsylvania. Many of our Amish builders live in Lancaster County, and all live in within the East Coast Region. We like that our furniture is locally made because it gives us — and you! — another special element of connection.
Not only do we know our builders, we know Lancaster County, a place of simple, hard-working life.We're not selling simply a piece of furniture; we're sharing a little piece of Lancaster.
We share Lancaster through the East Coast timber and the handcrafted furniture, yes, but we also share it through this explanation of what happens before the furniture is built.
Creating intricate, quality furniture from a slab of wood is an arduous task.
We talked to one of our employees, who crafts window shelves in his spare time, about the process that the wood goes through to become your beloved furniture. Check it out!
Timber to Handcrafted Furniture
1- The sawmill cuts the tree into slabs, usually one to two inches thick. 2- The builders run the tree slabs through the Straight Line Rip Saw to straighten out the board's uneven edges. 3- The craftsmen glue the slabs together. Some workshops have another shop glue the slabs for them while other workshops do this tedious task themselves. 
4- After the glue is dried, the builders run through Planers to even the surface out. Often, builders will also use a Belt Sander to smooth the surface out completely. 5- Finally, craftsmen cut the board to size. Now they ready to begin their most important part of the job: creating something beautiful from a board of timber.
Needless to say, the process is time consuming yet it's worth it to create a well-made, handcrafted piece of furniture.