Creating Quality Furniture

The other week, we shared an exclusive look into KS's Workshop. But we didn’t share all the details about the furniture process and hours of work that it takes to create their masterpieces. KS* is not only dedicated to handcrafting quality furniture but also assuring their timber is strongest and best it can be. Choice Timber KS primarily works with pine unless another kind if specified. Pine is a beautiful, less costly alternative to other types of wood. Three Grades of Pine:
  1. Standard- knotty, can contain cracks in the wood.
  2. Premium- some knots thought the knots shouldn’t call out over the years.
  3. Select- clear pine with no knots that lets the grain show through.
“We don’t mix-and-match any grades,” said Junior**. KS uses Select Pine because of its excellent features and high quality. Fine Design The KS brothers look at popular magazine for furniture design inspiration, tweaking and the modifying the designs to fit their style. Employee ideas and customer feedback also sparks insight for new furniture designs. As a small shop, their hardest challenge is keeping up with the ever-changing trends for furniture color and design. Though KS recently added glaze as an finishing option this past summer, the new finishing sells often, with the gray glaze quickly becoming one of the most popular finishings. The second most popular glaze: a tan "crate-and-barrel restoration look" that is reminiscent of the traditional country style. Detailed Work KS crafts their furniture similar to the process described in our timber post. Instead of letting another shop glue their boards together, they do it themselves.  “The reason we do [this] is for a stronger panel . . . we don’t use any nails; we screw everything together,” said Junior. “You can be more selective this way; you know what you’re getting.” The intricate process of gluing the boards together is a time-consuming task, especially waiting for the boards to dry completely. Yet when done properly, the boards are strong, durable and ready for the next step.
"There's always ways to improve but we try to be better all the time," said Junior about their furniture process.
They choose a select grade with few knots for better timber but their furniture’s quality can only come from one place: by the hands of our Amish builders. Each piece will be handcrafted with patient concentration and a detailed design. Your furniture is safe in those hardworking, callused hands. *Name abbreviated to protect privacy **Last name absent to protect privacy