Gift Ideas for Her This Christmas

The saying goes that Christmas is more about giving than receiving. Yet sometimes amid the craziness of the Christmas season, we forget to put the time and effort into finding a gift our loved ones will love receiving. Show the special woman in your life how much you appreciate her this Christmas with one of these furniture pieces!

My Beautiful Lady

Inspire your special someone to see their true beauty by giving them a place designed especially for her and her beauty routine. Treat her to a little piece of heaven with an unique storage space — like a vanity or dresser— that also compliments her stunning beauty. This Six Drawer Dresser, complete with six wide drawers, is designed for both beauty and organization in mind. Our Small Vanity  is crafted with five drawers that provide storage perfect for jewelry, make-up, and other daily necessities. This vanity also features a tall attached mirror, creating the ideal sanctuary for your beauty queen.

Tip: Add some new jewelry or makeup to her new vanity to give her something new to try!

My Style Guru

Encourage your stylish woman to do what she enjoys most: shop, decorate and design! With a few choice pieces, like an Armoire or wall shelf, you can show your true appreciation for her classic style.

The Armoire on Chest is equipped to hang, store, and organize your wardrobe. Featuring an removable clothes rod and an adjustable shelf, the armoire allows you to customize and optimize the space.

Our Ledge Shelf is a perfect place to display your treasures with its smooth curved edges and detailed molding; this shelf features a plate groove.

Tip: Wrap a favorite family photo framed along with the shelf for an extra personal touch.

My Tidy Honey

Celebrate your neat woman with some furniture pieces that not only helps her stay organized but also rejoices in her cleanliness. The solid build of the Large Chest provides a convenient storage space that creates ideal organization for any room. Let her neatly display her grandmother's quilt or her most recent masterpiece on our solid oak Quilt Rack.  Give her a new place to work with the Ladies Shaker Writing Desk. With its wide top and full extension drawer, this minimalist classic desk provides working space and optimal storage, both perfect for your tidy lady. 
It's not about what the gift is or price tag attached to it but rather, the genuine thought behind the gift.
Your true appreciation, gratefulness and love will shine through any gift that recognizes and celebrates your love for who she truly is. Nothing says I love you better than I know you. This Christmas, let your gifts speak for you.