Stunning Style with the Step Ladder Shelf

The Step Ladder Shelf
Save your home from the winter blues this year by adding the Step Ladder Shelf.  Its simplicity will complement any style while its versatile structure and coloring sets it apart from other book shelves.
With sharp lines and clean edges, this humble shelf is designed to be both decorative and useful in any home. Place it flat against your wall to blend in like a normal bookcase or angle it to make a statement.
Handcrafted by the Amish, this versatile shelf is built sturdy and solid to last through years of living and loving.
Four Decorating Tips for the Step Ladder Shelf:
Idea 1:
Proudly display your favorite books, photo albums or decorative pieces on the shelves.
Idea 2:
Place baskets for storage on the shelves for a classy alternative to a normal storage. 
Idea 3:
Keep your bedroom or office tidy by storing the shelf in a bedroom or office for stowing books and other items.
Idea 4:
Add an element of elegance to your bathroom by tucking this away there as a place to stack towels, decorations or toiletries.