Three Tips for an Stress-Free Thanksgiving

It's time to unpack your cozy, knitted sweaters and scarves as you savor the warm pumpkin spice lattes abundant in this season. Now that Autumn has finally arrived with its' glorious burst of rust-colored and golden leaves, we can start preparing for Fall's biggest holiday: Thanksgiving. 
This year, your kitchen doesn't need to be overstuffed with endless dishes and desserts, like a bloated Thanksgiving turkey.

Take a deep breathe and relish in your organized dinning room and kitchen. With these three tips, along with furniture crafted for practical storage and beautiful design, your home will look welcoming and orderly, a peaceful place to celebrate all that you're thankful for in life.

Tip 1: Display Dishes

Decorate your home with your homemade delectable dishes, an ideal dinning room decoration that not only saves spaces but is also pleasing to the eye.  Display your scrumptious Thanksgiving dishes on this solid wood Mission Huntboard. All four drawers glide open for easy access, an ideal space to tuck away extra napkins or silverware. Bask in its' intricate craftsmanship which reflects its' origin—Lancaster County— as you utilize its' optimal storage space.

Tip 2: Maximize Space

With extended family crowding into your home for Thanksgiving, kitchen space shrinks quickly! Capitalize on your space by strategically arranging your dishes and stashing away Thanksgiving dinner supplies.
Don't let the mess of Thanksgiving meal preparations linger on long after the pumpkin pie is baked.

Embrace order and utilize the Two-Door Kitchen Island in your kitchen or dinning room. Featuring a well-designed single drawer and cabinet, all accessible from the front and back, this piece includes a wide counter space and the option of an extended top.

Tip 3: Create Moments

You can get lost amid the busy preparations and meal to-lists but remember to cherish the simple moments Thanksgiving creates: stories and laughter, memories and good food. Gather a few of your cherished friends and family around the Solid Top Round Table for an intimate Thanksgiving experience. This handcrafted table reflects the simple beauty of Lancaster County without taking away from practicality. Your Thanksgiving turkey will find the perfect home here on this solid pine structure and maple surface top!  For more room on your table, invest in a few table extension boards, perfect for big families with lots of love — and delicious, homemade food! These tips may not make your Thanksgiving completely stress-free but they sure can help! These practical storage options and wide counter tops can help provide harmony to any messy home. As you prepare for Thanksgiving, remember all the many blessings you're grateful for. An organized home just might be one of those blessings.