Life here in Lancaster County, PA is more than the serene, rolling Amish fields and the organic, locally grown fruit and vegetable stands. With our blog, we want to give you a little glimpse into the real life of Lancaster with furniture highlights, decorating ideas, Amish stories, visiting suggestions, and more.
welcome to Peaceful Valley Furniture
|| We want to share with you the stories of our family, inviting you past the front door of our lives and into the warm kitchen, to sit at our table and chat. ||
Come in and listen to the ageless proverbs of the Amish farmers. Hear the rhythm of the horse hoofs as they clip-clop against the pavement, carrying an Amish family to the farmer’s market. Taste the home-grown, local tomatoes, picked sweet and juicy, from our neighbor’s vine. Enjoy the smell of the warm Shoofly Pie, fresh from the oven, wafting under your nose as our grandmothers tell you the stories of their past and their hopes for the future.
shoo-fly pie
Feel the trickle of sweat drip down your back as locals reflect on a hard day’s work at their farm. See the quiet way we live: honest, organic, hardworking, and by our forefather’s footsteps.
Experience Lancaster County
As you breathe in the fresh air of the rustic, country life along with the growing urban atmosphere of Lancaster city, we welcome you to discover Lancaster County with us, as friends, as family.
Lancaster County isn’t the world but it’s our world — all the sweat, dirt, stories and laughter that goes along with it.
Now, join us as we experience the meaning of community, the culture of the Amish, and the beautiful feeling of finding our home.
love lancaster county