Our Amish Builders

Our Amish Craftsmen are some of the most incredible people you come across.

Their names may not be known around the world nor their picture plastered everywhere, but to us and their family, they are extraordinary. The Amish community as a whole represent some of the hardest working, integral people you can meet. Each task, big or small, is done with great love and full heartedly. Whether it’s making a meal, working the land, milking a cow, building a barn or crafting a dining room table their commitment is unparalleled.

At Peaceful Valley Furniture, our furniture is made almost exclusively by a collection of Lancaster County Amish craftsmen. Wood shops are often located in a barn on the family farm, where the Amish craftsman will labor over your piece of furniture as it is precisely handcrafted.

While the rest of the world has moved onto mass production and automated assembly, the Amish have held onto the timeless value of hand crafted tradition.

We love working directly with our Amish builders and wouldn't want it any other way.

Each builder has their own signature style and story that is built into their furniture.

We hope you enjoy our furniture and the heart behind it.

Handcrafted paper and pencil workshop wood